Release notes & updates

Below you find release notes / list of feature updates & technical/maintenance updates to the GoBright platform.

Release notes January 2022:

Release January, 1st:

Happy new year! We wish you a very successfull new year and are delighted to bring these new features on the very first day of 2022!

Meet & Work: Portal & App based check-in
The no-show detection feature is extended with the possibility to check-in via the portal and app.
This is configurable via the room / desk profile, which gives you full flexibility to use it only for the rooms & desks where this is needed.
In the room / desk profile, with 'no-show detection' enabled, you will now see the 'booking confirmation by portal or app'. If enabled, users will automatically have the possibility in the portal & app to check-in to confirm their booking.

Work: Team booking
We are also very proud to release the new Team booking feature!
Easily bring teams together in the era of hybrid working.

You can find more information about team booking in this introduction article.

Teams can be created via the new option 'teams' found in the profile. mceclip0.png
You need to have a role assigned with the permission 'Teams management' set to 'Manage own teams' of 'Manage all teams' to be able to define teams.

To be able to create team bookings, you need to have the new permission 'Allowed to make team bookings and book on behalf (for desks)'.
Users which previously had the permission 'Book on behalf (for desks)' are automatically migrated to the new permission 'Allowed to make team bookings and book on behalf (for desks)'.

For both the Team booking and Portal & App based check-in you need the mobile app version 5.8 which is now also available in the app stores.


Release notes December 2021:

Release December, 15th:

Meet-Work-Visit: Recurring desk bookings support in the mobile app

The newest release of the mobile app (v5.7) now also support creating / editting recurring desk bookings.

Within a desk booking you can now select 'repeat' and configure the desired recurrence pattern.


Meet-Work-Visit: Recurring desk bookings with very long period

In some cases it is required to be able to book a desk with a very long recurrence. E.g. in the case that not all desks are flexible, but parts are mainly assigned to a person and only available if that person is releasing the desk.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > General, and enable 'long recurrences for desk bookings', which allows the users to create bookings for up to one year.



Meet-Work-Visit: Services improvements

Various improvements to services:

  • Services are now assigned with an unique number 'reference number' when handling the service request & delivery.
    This helps in internal communication, and for further processing the requests.
  • Cost centers can now more easily be searched when requesting a service, which is needed when having many cost centers
  • Services now also show the description of the service item in the mobile app


Meet-Work-Visit: Various improvements

  • Map editor: 
    The map editor is now improved, with the most important fix is when changing the map SVG (the background), it is not duplicating the items anymore.
  • Room display:
    • Within the 'schedule overview' the delete option is now not available anymore if  booking via the room display is disabled.
    • The 'circle' design was showing the 'book now' button for ad-hoc booking, also if booking via the room display was disabled. In this situation the 'book now' button is now not available anymore.


Release December, 14th:

Meet-Work-Visit: New Outlook Plugin (easier installation and MacOS support)

We are very pleased to announce the new Outlook Plugin, which brings full support for MacOS!

Users using Office 365 can now benefit from this new version, supporting easy centralized roll-out to Windows & MacOS users of Outlook.

If you want to use this new version, please follow the steps in our Outlook Plugin / Add-in article!


Release notes November 2021:

Release November, 30th:

Meet-Work-Visit: License overview

In the portal in menu Settings > General > Licenses, an overview of the used and available licenses is added.


Release November, 26th:

Meet: Configure sender/reply-to for services mail notifications

The email notifications sent out for services can now be configured to have a custom sender/reply-to. This can be configured per service provider.


Release November, 17th:

Work: Smartphone app release v5.6.0 (iOS / Android)

The v5.6.0 version of the smartphone app brings deep linking support for NFC scanning.

This means that if you use the GoBright Connect in emulation mode or you use the new GoBright Deep linking NFC stickers, your phone already detects the NFC tag when only hovering over the tag.

By tapping the notification shown, you can automatically open the app and check-in/book/etc.

The new GoBright Deep linking NFC stickers will be available for delivery in December 2021.

*) Note: Your phone needs to support NFC background scanning, for iPhone supported from the iPhone XS (introduced in 2018), and for Android many devices already support this for many years.


Connect & Gateway updates

The v5.7 version of the Gateway brings new firmware version v1.4.2 to the Connect.

After updating the Gateway to v5.7, the Connect will automatically update over the air to v1.4.2.

This new firmware version brings great new functions to the Connect:

  • Improved functionality when in Emulation mode:
    • NFC deeplinking support (see release of the new smartphone app above)
    • iPhone improved compatibility with Apple Pay/Wallet, the Wallet is not popping up anymore when holding it above the Connect
    • Improved functionality when in card reading and emulation mode, in this case scanning the Connect with your phone is improved.

Note: if you experience problems with scanning your Connect with your phone, please rollout the Gateway v5.7.


Release November, 10th:

Meet, Work: Italian translation

Buona giornata to all the Italian speaking users, we added the Italian translation in the portal!
Italian translation in the smartphone app will follow soon. 


Release notes October 2021:

Release October, 29th:

Meet, Work & Visit: Smartphone app release v5.5.4 (iOS / Android)

New smartphone app released for iOS & Android phones, this release includes:

  • Catering & services can now also be booked through the app!
    Catering & services can now also be shown & booked for rooms with a Catering & service license:

  • Find colleague on different day
    Now you can also find colleagues on a different day, e.g. to find if your colleague has booked a desk the next day.

  • Improved mapping
    The map visualization is now improved, it now can uses a larger area of the screen, which makes viewing & interacting with the map easier.

  • Improved date selection
    Changing a date is now easier, because we changed it to a single 'rolling' selector.
    Secondly on the dashboard you can now swype to the left or right to go a day back or a day forward.

  • Android 'NFC empty tag'
    On Android in some cases a 'NFC empty tag' message was shown, this message is now suppressed.


Release October, 28th:

View: Client version 4.27

New client released for Windows & WebOS:

  • RS232 screen commands to external screens is improved for situations where e.g. HDMI2 is default instead of HDMI1
  • Option to trust certificates for downloading external images, e.g. for when having self-signed certificates (configurable in the profile)
  • Windows: options to disable GPU for situations where GPU/driver is not behaving  (configurable in the profile)


Release October, 15th:

Meet, Work & Visit: French translation

Bienvenue to all the French speaking users, we added the French translation!


Release October, 8th:

Meet & Work: check in windows

The check-in window can now be extended to max. 1000 minutes after the start of the booking. In these hybrid and back-to-office scenario's, it sometimes is requested to have the check-in, but never stop a booking. This is now possible by setting the check-in window to e.g. 1000 minutes after start of the booking.



Meet & Work: filter list to a specific space

On many lists and views (e.g. timeline, my/all bookings, etc) we added the possibility to filter towards a specific room/desk.


Work: Mark a desk clean from the settings in the portal

Within the settings of the portal (Settings > Work > Desks) you can now open a desk and mark it clean. This can come in handy in specific scenario's e.g. when changing from 'hygienic mode' to 'normal mode'.


Visit: keeping visitors for a longer period

The period of keeping past visitor's can now be prolonged to max op 3 years (1095 days), which in some cases is needed to comply with laws and regulations. Please note that you should not keep visitor data longer then strictly necessary.


Release October, 2nd:

Meet: Default cost centers for users

When using services, including price calculation and cost centers, users have to select an cost center.

But in a lot of situations this cost center is (nearly) always the same for a user.

Therefore we now introduce the option to define a 'default cost center' for a user, and when a user books a service, that cost center will be pre-filled. The users still can deviate from that, but it will support the user in the majority of the scenarios.

The 'default cost center' can be configured in the following ways:

  • By using the user synchronization module (taking it from e.d. AzureAD, etc)
  • By using a custom claim when using federated authentication
  • Manualy by the admin when editting users


BrightBookingUserAdminTools v6.3.0:
The Powershell User Sync module is updated to accommodate the 'default cost center' to be synced.


Release October, 1st:

Work: Desk booking: limit period & recurring desk bookings
We have released two major updates in the desk booking area:

  • Limitation of the period
    You can now limit the period of how far ahead a desk can be booked.
    In this way you can allow users to only be able to book e.g. 2 (working) days ahead.

  • Recurring desk bookings
    It is now possible to book a desk recurringly, e.g. to accomedate scenario's where desks are semi assigned.

Both options are managed through roles, where you can limit / give permissions in this area.

This is implemented as addition to the 'booking permissions', which also gives you options to give different permissions in different areas or buildings.

Existing roles are set to 'no limit in advance booking period' and 'recurring booking not allowed', to make sure there is no change to the existing situation.

The changes are currently fully supported from the new portal, the app will receive these updates in the next month.



Meet: Needs approval visualization updated
When the approval functionality was used, the bookings which were awaiting approval now are shown with an orange 'pause' icon.



Release notes September 2021:

Release September, 20th:

  • Room display: hide stop/extend buttons
    We now added the possibility to also hide stop/extend buttons of a room display.
    In this way the room display can be made fully 'read only'!
    This can be configured in the room display profile, in the Settings > Devices > Profiles menu:

Release September, 18th:

  • New login experience
    The release of the new login experience is now available.
    For this change we created a dedicated page: click here for more details

Release September, 3rd:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Analytics updates
    The occupancy analytics are updated with:
    • Clear split in open/closed spaces
    • Added the filter to a specific space
    • Amount of spaces is shown in the graph

Release September, 2nd:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Room / desk check-in period
    The check-in period for rooms and desks was is now extended to 180 minutes before and 180 minutes after start of the booking. (previously this was 60 minutes before and after the start of the booking).

Release notes August 2021:

Release August, 24th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Booking on-behalf for desks
    This update releases the possibility to book a desk for somebody else, if you are allowed to do so.
    Administrators and booking managers are allowed by default, and other users can be granted the permissions via the roles.

    To create or assign a booking to another person, use the 'advanced booking' option in the desk booking dialog.
    There you will be able to book for somebody else using the 'reserved for...' field.

    Once you create, update or delete a booking for somebody else, that person will be notified by email of your action.

    The person who has created the booking will still see the on-behalf created booking in their 'my bookings', and will in general still be able to manage that booking.

    The new 'advanced booking' option:
    In the 'advanced' view, there is the option to assign another organizer:

  • Booking from my/all bookings lists
    If you are now starting to search and create a booking from the my bookings or all bookings lists, it will redirect you back from the my/all bookings lists you came from. This improves the workflow specifically for assistants, etc.

  • Location selection improvements in the new portal
    The location selection in the new portal is further improved, as in some cases intermediate locations (e.g. a floor) were hidden.

Release August, 13th:

View updates:

  • Portal
    • Fixed backward text visualisation when editing slides in Firefox
    • Improved image selection in image parameter for transparent images
    • New environments will now have default profile with 'screen on/off based on planning'
  • View Player v4.25
    • Improved auto-selecting resolution, specifcally for 4K resolutions
    • Added simplified logfile to easily show basic operations when viewing
    • Solved 'Screen off' message which could stay visible in specific situations
    • Solved zone ordering for LG WebOS 3.0

Release August, 12th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Map editor available in the new portal
    We are happy to introduce the improved map editor in the new portal!
    The new map editor also brings to additional features:
    • Inline search: use the 'search elements' to find elements within the map by it's name
    • Multi-item selection: use the CTRL keyboard button to select multiple items. You can then move them by keep CTRL pressed and drag them to a new place. Or you can duplicate or delete the whole group.
    • Location selection improvements in the new portal
      The location selection in the new portal is improved to show only applicable locations.

      For Meet & Work:
      Only locations where you have permissions are shown:

      For Visit:
      Only locations with an active Visit license are shown:

Release August, 10th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Timeline in the new portal also available for regular users
    The timeline in the new portal is now also visible for regular users. In the previous portal this was already the case, so we now also made this feature available in the new portal.

Release August, 7th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • BrightBookingUserAdminTools v6.2.1:
    Improving the group to role mapping in The ActiveDirectory/AzureAD user synchronization PowerShell module, by now also adding the possibility to have a specific group match to all users.
    For AzureAD user synchronization the 'Mail' element of a user (which contains the primary email address) is now the default for the email address, instead of the UPN.
    Please see this article for more details and examples.

Release August, 2nd:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • New dashboard
    Proudly we present the new dashboard experience, including:
    • Your personal bookings combined with live floorplan
    • Searching for rooms, desks & colleagues now with a large floorplan overview
    • Quick booking suggestions when booking rooms & desks from the live view
    • Search colleagues for future daysmceclip0.png

Release notes July 2021:

Release July, 15th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Room display - possibility to remove 'Report issue' button
    It is now possible to remove the 'Report issue' button from the room display.
    This is configurable in the room profile related to the room:

Release July, 10th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Service routing release
    Today we are rolling out advanced routing possibilities for services!

    Service routing adds new ways of managing delivery of services, now it is possible to:
    - Manage which service provider delivers services at which place, and at which price
    - Manage which services are available for which locations (buildings, floors, rooms, etc.)

    The service routing can be configured via the 'Service routing & permissions' setting, where the linking between 'service provider', 'service catalog item' and 'locations' is configured.

    Previously a service catalog item was linked to a single service provider, these old settings are automatically migrated to the new structure.

    The configuration of services (including the new routing) is not available anymore in the old portal, but now fully migrated to the new portal. 


Release notes June 2021:

Release June, 12th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Recurring booking support from the portal for non-integrated rooms
    Today we are rolling out recurring booking support for non-integrated rooms, from the portal.

    Non-integrated rooms are rooms that are not integrated with Office365/Google Workspace/etc. and therefore the portal is the main point of making and managing bookings.
    With this new update we bring recurrences also to the non-integrated rooms.

    In the room booking screen the recurrence can be defined, when using non-integrated rooms:

    And when editting a recurring item you can edit the recurrence or the specific item:

Release June, 1st:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • New analytics export 'Booking history':
    The analytics is extended with the 'Booking history' option, giving the ability to have detailed insights in what bookings went on, which ones where checked in, etc.

  • New portal mode
    The new portal mode is now enabled for everybody, if it was not enabled yet, it is now enabled for administrators.
    We also added the option to always go to the new portal when logging in.

  • Extend/stop in portal
    The extend/stop options are now also available in the portal. In my bookings, all bookings & timeline when opening a running booking, you can now stop/extend that booking.

Release notes May 2021:

Release May, 31th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Meet-Work-Visit Device app v11.02:
    • Support for the ProDVX A8 NFC reader, for ProDVX panels with Android 8.1.
      Please note that the firmware of the ProDVX panel needs to be from May 2021 or later to support the A8 NFC reader.

    • Support for Philips 10BDL4551T displays
      Please make sure you installed the latest firmware from at least late May 2021.

    • Support for IAdea WRP-1000 series displays
      When using IAdea please make sure the IAdea GoBright addon firmware is installed.

Release May, 29th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Outlook plugin v1.7 (Outlook for Windows, via Windows installer):
    • Fixed a rare situation where unselecting a room was not processed correctly.

      The installer can be downloaded via this link

Release May, 25th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Gateway v5.4:
    • Admin panel, Settings menu:
      • Gateway static IP configuration now allows for multiple DNS servers to be configured (seperated by a space)
      • For diagnosis a 'combined log' can be downloaded via the button 'Download combined gateway log'. The downloaded logfile can be shared with GoBright for analysis.

Release May, 15th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

Various updates to the new portal:

  • Timeline overview now also shows the subject of a booking (if you have permissions for the booking)
  • Room booking popup updates:
    • The 'approval status' is now shown (when applicable)
    • When editing a room booking you can now easily create a follow up email (via the 'Compose e-mail' option)
    • It is now possible to delete a booking directly in the window (which can be useful when it is opened from the timeline or approval overview)

  • Approval updates:
    • Approval overview now also shows the subject of a booking (if you have permissions for the booking)
    • Approval overview now allows you to directly open a booking to be able to edit it
  • BrightBookingUserAdminTools v6.1.1:
    The ActiveDirectory/AzureAD user synchronization PowerShell module now also supports group to role mapping, where groupmembership ActiveDirectory/AzureAD can be translated to role assignement in GoBright. Please see this article for more details and examples.

Release notes April 2021:

Release April, 29th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

Various updates to the new portal:

  • My bookings/all bookings now also show the recurrence icons if it is a recurrence
  • In Settings, the 'Devices' export now contain more information to get a better overview of the devices
  • Profile setting 'Extend for ... more minutes when the user left and there is a booking or a checkin' now has a maximum of 120 minutes (was 60 minutes)

Release April, 28th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Mobile app v5.3.0 released
    Various updates to the mobile op in the newly release v5.3.0 version of the app, which is available through the Google Play store/Apple app store:
    • Added locker integration in the new app
      • On the dashboard the locker icon appears to easily manage your lockers, or claim a locker
      • When a lockerbank is shown on the mapviewer, you can touch it and claim a locker

    • Search room/desk: map now interactive
      When searching a room or a desk, you could already show the results of the search on the map. This map is now also interactive, so you can directly start booking from the results on the map.

    • 'Outside opening hours' improvements 
      It is now easier to search and book outside opening hours due to improvements we have made when creating/editing a booking, where you now can choose 'Outside opening hours' as well.

    • Deploying Connect devices
      When deploying Connect devices via the app, the searching for rooms/desks has now been improved.

Release April, 22th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Added 'Approval' functionality
    A long awaited feature has been launched, the approval of bookings.
    The approval functionality gives the capability to have more control over bookings, e.g. of bookings in high value spaces.
    When a booking is made on a space that needs approval, it will appear in the approval list. An approver can then decide what to do (approve/decline). The organizer will then be informed about the decision.
    The approval can be enabled in the profile (right below booking mode), and the permission to approve/decline outstanding approvals can be given via the roles.

Release April, 15th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • New mobile app launched!
    We are very pleased to launch our new mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.
    The app has been fully rebuild, and can now bring a new and improved mobile experience, brought interactive mapping to the mobile, and much more!
    Please read the announcement here.

Release notes March 2021:

Release March, 26th:

View updates:

  • Added RS-232 support
    RS-232 support is added, for controlling external screens.
    In this way both the Windows player and the LG WebOS box player (latest model) can control external screens via RS-232.
    There is already a built in library to control different brands and types of screens, and you can define your own if needed.
    The RS-232 configuration can be found in the device details.

  • View Player v4.11
    • Support for RS-232
    • Improved YouTube playback
    • Improved embedded website handling
    • The player now hides the mouse cursor every 10 minutes

Release notes February 2021:

Release February, 26th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Users can now have multiple roles, making role & permission management more flexible
  • Bookings of other users can now be edited by booking managers
  • New portal updates:
    • Integrations management is added to the 'settings' menu of the new portal (in the option 'general').
    • Exporting of lists is added
    • Selecting dates is improved, it now supports selecting shown dates in the previous/next month

Release February, 24th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Gateway v5.3:
    • Gateway NTP client improved to resolve time more quickly
    • Added the option to configure the Gateway for static IP adress (configurable via the admin panel of the gateway, so initially DHCP is needed to reach the admin panel)
    • The GoBright Connect is now capable of detecting a RFID/NFC card that is laying on the Connect, and it that case it will ignore the presence of the RFID/NFC card
    • Several ZigBee communications improvements
    • This version will automatically update the GoBright Connect to firmware v1.3.4 

  • Outlook plugin v1.6 (Outlook for Windows, via Windows installer):
    • Updated the GoBright branding of the 'Manage meeting button' 

  • View:
    • Released v4.8.0 for the View clients for WebOS and Windows, containing several stability improvements.

Release February, 8th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • Outlook plugin:
    • The Outlook plugin now also shows the room images.
      The room images can be managed from the settings in the new portal!
      This functionality will now be rolled out, and is expected to be available in all environments in the next two weeks. 
  • View:
    • Released v4.6.0 for the View clients for WebOS and Windows, containing several stability improvements.

Release notes January 2021:

Release January, 28th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • New portal updates:
    • Sensor management is added to the 'settings' menu of the new portal.
    • Device management is added to the 'settings' menu of the new portal.
    • Profile management is added to the 'settings' menu of the new portal.
    • Room bookings can now be duplicated/copied when you are editing a booking:
    • Analytics filtering is improved to better reflect the results.

Release January, 14th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • New portal updates:
    • Timeline is improved with direct booking in selected slots:
    • Analytics graphs are improved so they only load data when you specifically hit the reload/show button.

Release January, 8th:

Meet/Work/Visit updates:

  • New portal updates:
    • Timeline is improved and now can be used to directly edit or add booking. 
    • When search for room or desk, the duration selection is now improved to easily search for whole days. 


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