Outlook Plugin

The following configuration is needed to integrate GoBright in the Outlook appointment window.

It can be set up for either the Desktop or Web version of Office. To use the plugin it is required to have the rooms configured with a fully functional Office365 or Exchange integration.

The configuration manual goes through the following steps:

Configuring the Outlook Plugin for Outlook Desktop

The GoBright Outlook plugin for Outlook Desktop requires the following software to be installed:

MSI installer, why?

The new Office Add-ins platform is great but does not have proper support for resources in appointments yet. Therefore we currently work with an MSI installer, which helps us overcome this, and give you a proper plugin. Once Microsoft includes the support for resources, we will switch to the new Office Add-ins platform too.

Install Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Run the Outlook Desktop Plugin Setup

  • Download the Outlook Desktop Plugin Setup here
  • Run the installer
  • Read and accept the Terms and conditions
  • Choose the destination folder
  • Press install to continue the setup
  • When the setup has been completed press Finish to exit the setup

Automatically roll out the Outlook Desktop Plugin to multiple clients

System administrators can install the Outlook Desktop Plugin via policies or other network management tools.
The following command is used to roll out the Outlook Desktop Plugin automatically:

msiexec /i GoBright.OutlookDesktopPlugin.Setup_x.x.xxxx.msi /qn

Start Outlook

  • Open Outlook
  • Schedule a new apppointment
  • The GoBright logo will appear on the top right corner:
  • The Plugin can now be used

Configuring the Outlook Plugin for Web

The Outlook Plugin can be added as an add-in and installed via an URL. The following versions are supported:

  • Office365 / OWA (Outlook Web Access) or Exchange 2016

Login to Outlook

Install the Outlook Web Plugin

Install the Outlook Web Plugin for the entire organization

It is possible to install the plugin for the entire organization. Please view the documentation below and be aware that an admin account is required:


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