Configuring the GoBright APP/Plugin for Microsoft Office 365

The GoBright O365 APP or Plugin gives you the ability to have the GoBright portal right from your Teams or Outlook application.

With this plugin you eliminate the need to go to the browser to open your desk/room booking.

It can be also reached within the Teams mobile application as well.

The GoBright O365 APP/Plugin is available in the Microsoft Apps Gallery and therefore the deployment is seamless.

Deployment of the GoBright O365 APP/Plugin

To deploy the plugin, first you need to be signed in with an admin account in your M365 environment.

  1. You need to go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and sign in with the admin account.
  2. When in the M365 Admin Center, press Settings on the left pane and select Integrated Appsplugin1.png
  3. Press the Get apps button to reach the Microsoft Apps Gallery and search for GoBrightplugin2.png
  4. Your results will show two GoBright apps. One called GoBright which is the APP/Plugin for O365/Outlook/Teams that we are looking for now and the other is the GoBright AddIn for Outlook which you can check here.
  5. You need to press Get It Now on the one called GoBright and press Get It Now again on the pop-upplugin3.png
  6. Press Next on the Apps to Deploy screen which shows where the app will be deployedplugin4.png
  7. In the Users screen you need to choose for which users you want to deploy the plugin. This can be a test deployment as well for only one user if you want to test it. Or you can immediately select Entire Organization (Most Common) or select specific users or groups.plugin5.png
  8. Press Next on the Permission Request Screen
  9. Press Finish Deployment and wait for the Deployment to be completedplugin6.png
  10. After this the GoBright APP/Plugin will be available in Teams or Outlook in the Apps Section, however there is some synchronization time, and it won't be immediate.



The APP/Plugin is also available for manual deployment only for yourself in the Teams Apps Section if your Organization allows for apps to be deployed manually.

This can be done by pressing the Apps button in Teams and by searching for GoBright. 

When you find GoBright, just press the Add button and GoBright will be added and can be visible on the left side in your Teams application.



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