Certified/supported hardware overview

GoBright certifies specific hardware to be used as room displays, wayfinders, mapviewers and sensors.

Certified hardware is manageable from the GoBright platform, which means:

  • thoroughly tested
  • remote updates
  • night mode (display is turned on/off) automatically
  • automatic reboots.

The following devices are certified:

Certified integrated touch displays

The following displays are certified integrated touch displays (player and touch display):

Brand Model Operating system Room display Wayfinder Mapviewer Digital reception kiosk End-of-support 4
Philips 10BDL3051T Android 4.4.4 yes yes no yes 3 -
Philips 10BDL4151T Android 7.1.2 yes yes yes yes -
Philips 24BDL4151T Android 7.1.2 yes yes yes yes -
Android 4.4.4 yes yes no yes 1, 3 31/12/2020
ProDVX APPC EL series Android 6.0 yes 6 yes yes 6 yes 1 -
ProDVX APPC SLB series Android 5.1, 6.0, 8.0 5,8 yes yes yes yes 2 -
ProDVX APPC DSK series Android 5.1, 6.0, 8.0 5 yes yes yes yes 2 -
ProDVX APPC DSQ series Android 4.4.4, 5.1 yes yes no yes 2 -
ProDVX XPL Series

8.0 7

yes yes yes yes  

1) No camera available, taking pictures & scanning badges will not be available on these models.
2) The camera is optional, please note you need a camera for taking pictures & scanning badges.
3) Badge printing to Brother printers not possible for these models, because this requires Android 5.1 or higher.
4) End-of-support means the moment GoBright will not actively test or maintain the software after the defined date.
5) Android 8 support for the ProDVX APPC DSK/SLB currently in beta release, we are working with ProDVX on the latest modifications. Please know that the ProDVX RFID/NFC reader for Android 4-6 does not work on Android 8.
6) NFC and kiosk mode are currently not supported on the ProDVX EL Series. Please enable kiosk mode manually within the Android settings of the device.
7) NFC is not available at the moment for the XPL series, ProDVX will support an external NFC reader soon.
8) For the SLB series with Android 8 ProDVX has a special model with NFC integrated internaly. The default external NFC module for Android 6 of ProDVX won't work on this display with Android.


Certified standalone players

The following players are certified players (external display needed):

Brand Model Operating system Room display Wayfinder Mapviewer
ProDVX ABPC 543 Android 4.4.4, 5.1 yes yes yes


Certified printers (badge printing)

For printing badges from the visitor registration kiosk, there are two options:

Direct printing
It is possible to print directly from the tablet to specifically supported printers with the supported supplies.

The following printer/supply combinations are supported:

Brand Model Supported connectivity Supported supplies Minimal required
Android version
Brother QL-820NWB Netwerk (wired/wifi), Bluetooth Brother DK-N55224, DK-22251, DK-44205 Android 5.1


GoBright Badge Printing Service
Using the intermediate GoBright Badge Printing Service you can print to an installed Windows printer.
The GoBright Badge Printing Service should be installed on a Windows Server, and the printer should be locally installed on that server (but can be a network printer).

The following printer models have been tested for printing badges:

Brand Model
Fargo DTC 1250e


Certified sensoring hardware

The following hardware is certified for use as sensoring hardware.


Model Purpose Data transmission
Occupancy sensor (WDCOCC) Desk occupancy measurement & no-show detection Wireless (RF)
PIR Room sensor (WDCRD) Room no-show detection Wireless (RF)


Receiving data (RF)

For receiving the data of the wireless sensors a receiver plus antenna is needed.

Certified sets:

Brand Model Operating system Purpose Connectivity
ProDVX ABPC 543 Android 5.1 Processing unit Wired Ethernet or WiFi network connection
  MINI RF Receiver - Receiving RF signal USB to the processing unit


Certified LINAK hardware

The following hardware is certified by LINAK to function with the GoBright Connect

Control Box

Model Purpose Connectivity
CBD6 Control Box that sends height information from and to the Connect LINAK Connect Cable
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