Installation Guide - Technical Configuration

Welcome to GoBright! For the technical configuration of the integration and devices please follow the steps below.

For a global explanation about the total setup of GoBright please check our article about 'How does it work?'. 

This guide gives an overview of all the available technical configurations for the IT team.

Start configuration here

Office 365 with AzureAD/Active Directory



The overview above shows how the communication flow will be between your AzureAD/Active Directory and GoBright

To setup the external integration with Office 365 there are a few important configurations needed to be able to sync users and use the Rooms with your Office 365 calendar.

Our advice is to start with step 1: configure the GoBright Enterprise Application in Azure AD and the Office 365 integration with this article

Single Sign-On is also possible with other integrations such as SAML, AD FS or Google

The next step is optional. Please read this article if you want to configure the Office 365 integration for GoBright Meet (Rooms).

Microsoft Exchange with Active Directory


To setup the external integration with Microsoft Exchange 2010-2019 there are a few important configurations needed to be able to sync and use the Rooms with your calendars in Exchange. Please follow the configuration steps in this article.

The overview above shows how the communication flow will be between your Exchange Server and GoBright

Please check our installation guide to get an in depth overall overview or you can continue the steps below.

Optional configuration

Adding Users to GoBright portal    
Automatic User Creation (optional but recommended)

Automatic User Creation functionality lets you automatically create a new GoBright user when a user logs in for the first time with their Microsoft account. Please read the bottom of the following article. 

User Synchronization with AzureAD (optional but recommended)

With our PowerShell module you can sync users from AzureAD to the GoBright portal. Click here for the article

There are multiple ways to synchronize users to your GoBright environment. Please read this article for other options then AAD/AD. 

Outlook Plugin 

With the Outlook plugin you can book via the Outlook Calendar. Click here for the article.  

Installing the GoBright mobile App

The GoBright App communicates directly with your GoBright environment. It gives you a swift booking experience with a responsive look and feel. The app can be installed via the designated app stores:

Android app:
iOS app:

Hardware configuration

Installing Connect, Gateway and NFC sticker(s)

Before deployment please read the following article.

Install the Gateway

Click here to install the Gateway and then you need to setup the Gateway NTP server.

Install the Connect

Read this article for the physical installation of the Connect device. Then read the following article to join the connect device.

Configure NFC Sticker(s)

When no Connect device is used but NFC Stickers, please read this article to configure the NFC Sticker(s).

Installing a display device
Installing the GoBright Android app

First the GoBright Android app needs to be installed on the device.

Activating a device with the GoBright app

Then the device can be activated in the portal with the GoBright Android app.

Installing RF Sensors

There are multiple types of sensors that can collaborate with GoBright to gather occupancy with GoBright Meet and GoBright Work. Please read this article for information and configuration. Note! To use a sensor you need to setup a Gateway.

Installing Printer for Visit Kiosk

For your Visit Kiosk Display a printer can be added where the visitor badges can be printed. Please read this article for information and configuration.

The GoBright Administrator can continue their part of the configuration. Click here to get the configuration overview for your GoBright Administrator. 

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