What is GoBright?

We’re glad you asked! GoBright introduces a smarter usage and reservation process, which reduces administration time within organisations. GoBright facilitates the increasing demand for flexible ways of working and meeting each other.


The GoBright platform consists of several modules, which can be used in your organisations:

Room Management, Desk Management, Mapping, Wayfinding, Digital Reception

Using GoBright

There are several ways to use GoBright:

  • Web portal
    The web portal is the heart of the platform and is used to book rooms, book desks, manage your bookings, manage visitors, etc.
    If your an administrator, you will use the web portal to configure the system in all it's glory.

  • Integrated systems (Outlook, Google G Suite Calendar, Facility software)
    GoBright can be integrated with several systems, and therefore can be used from those systems.
    Use it from you room calendars in Outlook and Google G Suite Calendar, or from a Facility Management Information System (FMIS).
    Do not fear! We will sync the data and process it all the way...

  • App for iOS and Android phones
    The smartphone app can be installed from the Apple App store or Google Play Store. Just search for 'GoBright' and install the app.

  • Room displays
    What's in that room? Just look at the display! Beautifully designed displays show what's happening in the room, or book the room on the spot.

  • Map viewers
    A picture is more than a thousand words. Design a map, and show it in a map viewer. There you will be able to see what's available and book your room or desk on the spot.

  • Way finding
    Where to go is the question! Get directions to your meeting room, by viewing the wayfinder.

  • Digital Reception kiosk
    Give your visitors a warm welcome, and keep your records straight. Digitize the registration process, don't let the visitor go unnoticed with badges, and let the receptionist focus on what's they are good at: welcoming your visitor. 

People and roles

GoBright has the concept of 'users' and 'visitors'. Users can use the system, and visitors are people who sign-in via the Digital Reception kiosk.

Users have roles in the system, a regular user can just use GoBright as his personal assistent and book rooms and desk, and manage his own bookings.
Booking managers have the possibility to manage all the bookings, and view analytics. 
A user or booking manager can be assigned to also manage the visitors.
Last but not least, if you're a 'manager' you will be able to manage all the (technical) details of the system.

Where's my module?

GoBright is modular, which also means you don't have to use or buy it all. Missing some options in your environment? Please contact your office administrator, and check how to solve this!


How does it work?

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