Installing standalone players

The players need to be installed, before they can be activated.

Please note, only certified players are supported.

Installation steps

In general the installation on the player itself is kept as easy as possible. 
The settings and configuration come from the GoBright platform as much as possible, which makes it easy to deploy and to swap the units.

After installation an activation code will be presented on the display, with that activation code you can proceed with activating the device in the GoBright portal. 

Installation of ProDVX players

Follow these steps to install the GoBright on the ProDVX players:

  1. Startup the player
  2. Connect the player to the internet
  3. Start the browser on the display and browse to
  4. Download the latest version of the GoBright Device app
  5. Install and start the downloaded GoBright Device app
  6. The app will ask for the necessary permissions to use and manage the device, please allow/confirm them all
  7. The app will ask to check the date, time and timezone
  8. Choose 'Confirm and reboot'
  9. After reboot, the player will connect to GoBright, and show an activationcode
  10. With the activationcode you're able to go to the next step and activate the display in the GoBright portal
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