Close the GoBright app on a display

Once a device is activated, it is not possible to go into the settings of the device for a regular user.

So if you for example want to change network settings, this is not possible in a standard way.

Exiting kiosk mode

To prevent unauthorized people to change the device settings, the app runs in 'kiosk mode'. This means there is a special way to get to the settings of the device.

Step 1: Get access to the settings

To access the settings, you need to perform a specific series of swype movements.

Perform the following swype movements on the display, as three separate swypes:


The movements are: swype down, [release finger], swype left, [release finger], swype up.

Please note: these are three separate swype movements, it is necessary to take your finger off the display after every swype movement.

(Animated example below)


Step 2: System admin-pincode

Because the Swype movements are always the same, there is also the admin-pincode. Without the admin-pincode, you cannot go into the settings.

Firstly, check if the pincode is set in your display profile. Enter the GoBright Portal > Settings > Devices > Profiles. 

Select the Visit-, MapViewer-, WayFinder-, Control-, Gateway- or the Room Display Profile. The 'Protected settings'-checkbox needs to be selected to use a pincode. Once activated, the device will get it's pincode from the profile. 

Use this button to switch between the old and new layout





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