Maps not Appearing on the Dashboard

Errors in location

If all resources are added to the map and linked by appearing blue on the mapping edit screen but the map is not appearing in the dashboard area of the GoBright platform then several reasons may exist.

Location Structure

Check the location structure of the office and that a map is assigned to the location. See this article.

If a Location does not have a map associated with it then the first available floor will show that does have a map associated with it.

For example:

  • EMEA
    • Amsterdam
      • Floor 1
      • Floor 2
      • Floor 3
    • Paris
      • 1st floor

If EMEA and Amsterdam do not have a map linked to them then the default floor plan on the dashboard would be Floor 1 in the Amsterdam office. A deviation from this would be if a user had pinned a specific floor.

Resource location

It is possible for the resource to appear blue and linked in the mapping edit area, as the resource is added on the platform, but for the map to not appear on the dashboard of the GoBright portal and app. This is generally because the resource is not linked to the correct area of the office based on location. See the following articles depending on resources purchased: Rooms or Desks.

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