Landscape or portrait mode (Mapviewer)

The Mapviewer can be shown in either landscape or portrait mode. In most cases, it will automatically detect the orientation of the device and adapt the Mapviewer to the current orientation. There are a couple of devices where the orientation needs to be set in order to let GoBright now the correct orientation.

Change the device orientation

In order to change the settings on the device, we'll need to exit kiosk mode using the three magic swipe movements and the pincode within the Map display profile. When the settings on the device can be accessed navigate through the following menus and options: 

  • Go to the Settings
  • Select the Display option

Depending on the device there are a couple of different options here, we'll cover the most general ones:

  • When device is rotated:
    This defaults to 'Rotate the contents of the screen' but can be set to the current orientation using the 'Stay in current orientation option'
  • Orientation:
    This defaults to 'Auto' / 'Automatically' / 'Auto-detect' or something that is similar to one of these. The other options are 'landscape' / 'portrait' / 'landscape-flipped' / 'portrait-flipped' which can be set to the correct orientation.

There are likely other options which are named differently than the ones here, consult the manual of the device if you need further support with the orientation.

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