Close the GoBright app on a display

Once a device is activated, it is not possible to go into the settings of the device for a regular user.

So if you for example want to change network settings, this is not possible in a standard way.

Exiting kiosk mode

To prevent unauthorized people to change the device settings, the app runs in 'kiosk mode'. This means there is a special way to get to the settings of the device.

Step 1: Get access to the settings

To access the settings, you need to perform a specific series of swype movements.

Perform the following swype movements on the display, as three separate swypes:


The movements are: swype down, [release finger], swype left, [release finger], swype up.

Please note: these are three separate swype movements, it is necessary to take your finger off the display after every swype movement.

(Animated example below)


Step 2: System admin-pincode

Because the swype movements are always the same, there is also the admin-pincode. Without the admin-pincode, you cannot go into the settings.

Once activated, the device will get it's pincode from the profile. Please review the profile of this device to track the pincode you need.

When you are in the settings, you can 'exit' the app.

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