Configuring the locations structure

The location's structure makes it possible to create a structure for your rooms and desks, and to now where visitors are signed-in via the digital reception.

You can create a tree of locations, for example, 'City' > 'Building' > 'Floor':

  • USA
    • New York - Global HQ
      • 1st floor
      • 2nd floor
      • 3rd floor
    • San Francisco
      • 1st floor
      • 2nd floor
  • EMEA
    • Amsterdam
      • 1st floor
      • 2nd floor
    • Paris
      • 1st floor

Manage locations


Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > General. In the left navigation menu choose Locations.

Now add a new integration with the 'Add' button, or select an existing one to edit.


When you add or edit an item you can set its position in the tree by selecting the 'parent location', and you can configure the 'name'. Furthermore, you can add an image to the location which is displayed throughout the portal.

The last option is to link a map to the location which is used to visually represent the location in order to book a desk or room. If a map is available it's highly recommended to add it here as it will be displayed throughout the portal.


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