Configuring rooms

The rooms option give you the ability to define the rooms, how it integrates and what's available in the rooms.

Manage rooms

Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > Rooms.

Now add a new room with the '+' button, or select an existing one to edit, or use the '' (sync) icon to read available rooms from the external systems via the available integrations.

Synchronize rooms

When you click the '' icon GoBright will try to find all the available rooms in all the external systems which are configured in the integrations.

You can select the room and update a room which is already known, or create a new rooms.

It will use the access it has, but might not find all the available rooms, this probably is because the external room is not in a room list, or is otherwise hidden.

Configure a room


The general section lets you set the general settings of the room.

Most important is the 'profile', this let you select a settings-profile, which defines how the room behaves in the system. For example, if no-show detection is enabled, if it is bookable, etc.

The booking instructions let you give some remarks which are shown when booking the room.


The integration section let's you select if the room should integrate with an external system, like Microsoft Exchange/Office365/Google G Suite/etc.

You should select the integration, and then you need to set to what calendar it should link, via the email address. (Most external system require an email address know to what external calendar it should connect, some other systems need things like an id, etc).


The options section let you select which options are available in the room, for example an LCD display, video conferencing, etc.




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