Configuring integrations

The integrations section contain the configured integrations of your BrightBooking environment. 

See the integrations settings as the place we're the link to external systems is configured, so this can be used in other parts of the platform.

In most installations you just need one integration, that is probably going to your Microsoft Exchange/Office365/Google G Suite system.

But it is also possible to have an integration with your Facility Management Information System (FMIS).


After configuring the external system (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google G Suite, etc.) you should configure the integration in BrightBooking, so the integration is known in BrightBooking and can be used for integrating room schedules.

If you did not configure the external system please refer to the following articles:

Next, you should add the integration in the BrightBooking portal.

Manage integrations

Log in to the BrightBooking portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > Integrations.

Now add a new integration with the '+' button, or select an existing one to edit.

Please make sure you don't have any fake or old integrations. In most installations there is just one integration, so this is perfectly normal.

Configure an integration

When you add or edit an integration, you can change the setting of that specific integration. 

An integration has a name, which is used within BrightBooking (to link rooms, users, etc.) and of the connection details to the external system.

After giving the name, you should choose the type of external system you want to link.

External system: Office 365

Enter the e-mail address and password of the service account, and make sure those credentials are correct by clicking 'Verify with Office 365'. If correct, the boxes will turn green.

External system: Exchange

Enter the 'Exchange url' to connect to (this is the EWS endpoint, please refer to the article: Configuration of Microsoft Exchange 2007-2016).

Enter the e-mail address and password of the service account, and make sure those credentials are correct by clicking 'Verify with Exchange'. If correct, the boxes will turn green.

If you need to authenticate the service account with something other than the email address, you must enable 'User authentication on Exchange with different username'. Now your able to enter another username for the service account (e.g. DOMAIN\username or another UPN).

External system: G Suite

Choose 'Link G Suite', and you will be redirected to Google. Use the service account to link to the integration. After correct configuration, the account will show in the integration details in BrightBooking.

Please check again that you have linked the service account, and not your personal account!




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