Configuration of Combined Rooms

It's possible to add a Combined Room for Room booking. When you are using two adjacent spaces which can be combined as one room, you can now add the possibility to book 1, 2 or both rooms in GoBright. 

You can book Combined Rooms via our Outlook plugin, web portal, MapViewer and mobile app.

Configuration of Combined Rooms

To configure a Combined Room, you will need to login to the GoBright portal with your admin account.

Keep in mind that the individual rooms need to be linked to the same external integration if you want to be able to combine them to a Combined Room. 

Go to Settings > Meet > Press the drop-down arrow to click on the 'Add combined room' option


Fill in all the needed fields. You will need to fill in at least the location of your Combined Room, and the capacity. When you scroll down you will find the 'Linked rooms' heading.


Press the 'Link room'-button. Select as many Rooms you want to link, and press proceed. Your room selection will be presented, and if needed you can delete any room by pressing the trash bin icon. Scroll back up your page to Save your configurations. 

User Roles 

You will need to have rights to book on the individual rooms in the User Roles setting. And this role needs to be assigned to your user. 

For example when your Combined Room consists of Room A (location floor 1) and Room B (location floor 1), you will need to have booking rights for Room A and Room B. 

For more information about how to configure your User Roles, please read the following article.


Keep in mind that you will need to add a new element for your Combined Room, to be able to show your Combined Room on your maps.

You can add the element to your map via: Settings > Maps > Open your Map or add a new one > Press 'Add element'-button > Select Type: Combined Room


For more information about how to configure your maps, please check this article.

Important notes

  • A Combined Room can only contain a maximum number of three rooms, and an individual Room can only be linked to one Combined Room.
  • If you are using an integration with an external system, both rooms need to be linked to the same integration before you can combine them as a Combined Room in GoBright. 
  • You can only book a Combined Room via Outlook via our GoBright Outlook plugin. 
  • Room Displays and Room sensors can only be linked to the only be linked to an individual Room. 
  • Control cannot be enabled for a Combined Room, but you can have control in the individual rooms, which will be the normal case.
  • No-show detection on a booking will be shown as a single no-show item in Analytics > Occupation Top 10.
    • Which means that when someone has a combined room booking, this will be shown as one item and not two separate items (for example Room A and Room B). However, occupation top 10 based on occupation detection by sensor is not supported. 
  • Not (yet) supported options:
    • Shortening a bookings based on a sensor, check-in confirmation by sensor, and showing the room as almost occupied when occupation is detected will not work for Combined Rooms. 
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