Booking permissions and private bookings

GoBright has several permissions related to changing and viewing bookings.

Booking permissions

Every booking has an organizer, the person who made the booking.
An organizer can always change (update, stop, extend) and delete their own bookings.

There are different users in GoBright, which can be a regular user, or can be a 'booking manager', or a 'manager'. This can be configured by the administrator as the 'role' of the user.

Booking managers and managers can view all bookings (but not necessarily all details, default this is restricted to the date and time of the booking), and stop, extend or delete them.
To what extend the booking managers and managers can see the details of the booking can be configured by the administrator in the general settings.

A booking can be marked as 'private', which makes sure that the subject and body are only visible to the organizer and the attendees.

Permissions related to the room display

The Room Display can be configured to be used by everybody (so without authentication) and/or with authentication.

To be able to book the room at the room display, the system might ask you to authenticate yourself with a pincode or NFC card, which will be checked by the system. Or you can choose for 'Anonymous', and just proceed.
The administrator can configure all of these settings with the profiles.

There's also the possibility to configure who will be able to stop/extend and who will be able to delete bookings at the room display. If configured the system will ask for authentication (pincode/NFC), to be able to make sure you are permitted to do that action.
The administrator can also configure all of these settings with the profiles.

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