Colors on the Map Viewer

Map Legend Color and Symbols for Rooms and Desks
  Other location or department Other location or department  
eye-off.png eye.png eye-off-transparent.png eye-transparent.png Toggle accessibility icons
green.png green-icon.png green-transparent.png green-transparent-icon.png Green: Available
dark-green.png dark-green-icon.png dark-green-transparent.png dark-green-transparent-icon.png Darker* green: booked later today
yellow.png yellow-icon.png yellow-transparent.png yellow-transparent-icon.png Orange: Almost occupied, check in period active
red.png red-icon.png red-transparent.png red-transparent-icon.png Red: Occupied
blue.png blue-icon.png blue-transparent.png blue-transparent-icon.png Blue: Private meeting, do not disturb
*The color is displayed darker when the room is selected on the map
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