The app cannot be installed on the display

There are a couple of reasons why it might not be possible to install the app. We'll outline the most prominent issues below:

There is no (stable) internet connection

Every display requires a stable internet connection in order to function correctly and for the app to be installed. Preferably it is connected using an ethernet connection, but Wi-Fi is also an option.

Do not use a WebViewer app

Some displays have a browser that is only used to view and it's not possible to download any content. This cannot be used to download and install the application. An example is the Android 8.x OS that has a WebViewer app but the normal browser is called 'lightning'.

There is no Android OS available

The GoBright App can only be installed on devices that have an Android Operating System.

The device is not certified

If any other device is used other than the ones that are certified we cannot guarantee that the app will work or install correctly. For a list of certified hardware please check the article below:

Certified/supported hardware overview

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