Visit Configurations Overview

Below you will find an overview of all the configurations that are needed to enjoy your GoBright Visit module. The links below will transfer you to the in depth configuration articles. 

Advice is to follow the steps as stated below to enjoy GoBright Visit to the fullest. 

Note: Visit Kiosk Displays are supported in portrait orientation only

Configurations General

You will need to start with the general settings of your GoBright Visit. This is also the place where you can configure most of your field and lay-out customization's.  

Please start here and follow the steps and read our explanation. 

Configurations Types

The next step is to configure the visitor Types. With your visitor Types you can assign different fields, buttons, lay-out, mail templates, and terms and conditions. 

Please read this article and follow the steps to configure your visitor Types

Configuration Badges

When you want to be able to print badges for your visitor, you can configure them here. The badges can be personalized to your visitor types. 

The badges can be printed with the the following certified printers: 

  • Fargo DTC 1250e
  • Brother QL-820NWB 

Click here for more information about our supported printers, and please click here to get an overview of all the steps that are needed to configure your badge printer for GoBright Visit. 

Configuration Mail templates

You can send a mail to your visitor with a pre registration in GoBright. And with each visitor type you can create and assign custom mail templates. 

Please click here to read more about the configuration of your mail template(s)

Visit Profiles

For your Display Devices you can configure on- and off settings, a pincode for security, and schedule a reboot. 

Please read this article for more information. 

Visit Terms and conditions

When your visitor checks-in you can ask them to agree to your terms and conditions. For each visitor type different terms and conditions can be configured. 

Please read this article to configure your terms and conditions.

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