Installing a Connect

The Connect is used to show the status of the desk, can be used to check-in or book the desk, can measure occupancy, and can set the desk to a certain height.


Physical installation

The Connect is physically installed in an 80mm hole in the tabletop of the desk.

The Connect is connected to a power source and peripherals through a connection cable, there are different connection cables available.

Both the Gateway and the Connect are wireless devices, do not place them in a position where the wireless signal is shielded (e.g. placing them in a metal box, sheet metal around them, etc.) this will have a (big) impact on the wireless range.

Communication to the Gateway

A Connect is joined to a specific Gateway which must be in the range of that Connect.

Because of the mesh capabilities of the Connect, the Connect can 'hop' to the Gateway via another Connect. But to utilize the mesh in a performant way, it is best to spread out and not have single Connects which route traffic of many other Connects.

Installation steps

There are three steps to install the Connect:

  • Connect the Connect to power and peripherals
  • Configure a Desk Profile
  • Configure a Desk
  • Join the Connect with a Gateway

Connect the Connect to power and peripherals

Use the GoBright Desk Connect connection cable to install the Connect with the LINAK Controlbox:


  • Power: either via the LINAK Controlbox or via a USB power source (different connection cables available)
  • RJ45 connection: to communicate with the LINAK Controlbox (optional)
  • Sensor (optional): gains power through the Connect

After connecting the cables the Connect ring should be lit white, which means it's active but not been synched with a Gateway yet. If the Connect displays any other color please review the Connect colors and settings article.

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