Book a room using the Outlook Plugin

With the Outlook Plugin installed, you will see the GoBright icon should on the top bar when scheduling a new appointment for yourself or someone else (using a delegated calendar).

  • Open the calendar in Outlook for Windows or Outlook for Web Web
  • Create an appointment
  • Add a subject
  • Save and close the meeting, if you also want to add catering and services:
  • Wait four seconds while Microsoft syncs the meeting
  • Open the meeting again
  • Open the GoBright add-in, all features are now available

If the meeting was opened again too soon, a message will be displayed when adding catering & services. Please close the meeting and then open it again. All features should now be available.

GoBright Outlook Plugin - Desktop/Windows


GoBright Outlook Plugin - Web


  • Select the GoBright icon to open the plugin

Search for a room

GoBright offers various search options and filters among all available rooms. To start searching it requires a date, duration and number of persons to be entered.

  • Choose the Date and Duration
  • Select the number of Persons
  • Additionally you can search 'Outside opening hours' when the box is ticked
  • Select the Location, when 'No location' has been selected all locations will be included
  • Select any additional Extra's for the room

Select the room

The available rooms that matches the previous criteria will be displayed.


Confirm the booking

When the room has been selected it will be lit up in a green colour. At this point it's possible to add more rooms or services to the reservation.

Now confirm the booking by sending the appointment to all attendees.



Adding Services to your booking

To add a service, make sure to book at least one room that has services enabled. A small food/drink icon will be displayed if services can be enabled for the specific room.

  • Choose 'Add' beneath services to start adding a new service

Service groups and items

Services consists of different groups and items. In the example on the right coffee has been added to the reserved room.

  • Choose a Group
  • Choose an Item
  • Choose the amount, the price will update accordingly
  • Choose the Cost center
  • Choose when the delivery of the items take place during the booking
  • Choose the Space
  • Optionally it's possible to leave a remark with specific instructions or requests

Confirm the Services

After the services have been requested they will need to be confirmed.

  • Press Add to add more services to the booking
  • Tick the box 'I am allowed to order services on the chosen cost centers'
  • Press Confirm on the bottom to verify and request the chosen services
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