How to check-in a Room booking

There are multiple ways to check-in to your Room booking. In this article we will be discussing all confirmation options. Booking confirmation on Room Display, by sensor, and by portal/app. 

Only your GoBright admin is able to assign the check-in possibilities for your Rooms.  

Booking confirmation on Room Display

When a Room Display is configured, you can check-in with the Room Display by clicking the 'Check-in'-button. 

Booking confirmation by sensor 

When a Room sensor is set up, and the booking confirmation is enabled in the Room Profile, the sensor will detect occupation when a human enters the Room. The sensor can not differentiate specific people. 

For example, when a meeting is ending and a new group is entering directly without the Room being detected as empty, the sensor will still think the Room is occupied. 

Click on the link for more information about the sensors, and placement of the sensors.

Booking confirmation by portal

Login to you GoBright portal. In your dashboard you will see all your meetings for today by default. At the top left you can select a Date, if you don't see your meetings for today. 


In your dashboard you can select the Room with the orange 'Please check-in' exclamation mark note. You will get a pop-up window with the blue 'Check-in' button. Use this button to check into your Room booking.


The orange 'Please check-in' exclamation mark shows your upcoming check-in moment for your Rooms. When a booking confirmation is enabled in the Room Profile, the orange exclamation mark will be visible. 

Booking confirmation by app 

Open your GoBright mobile app and select the Room booking on your Dashboard. After selecting the Room booking with the orange 'Please check-in' exclamation mark note, you will get a pop-up with a 'Check-in' button. Select this button to check-in and wait for the confirmation. 


To be able to check-in to your Room booking with the GoBright mobile app you will need at least version 5.8.1 or higher of our Mobile app. Please update your app in your designated app store if you can't see the check-in possibility.

Are you already using version 5.8.1 or higher? Then please close your GoBright mobile app and reboot your GoBright mobile app. 

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