LG WebOS - Installation Guide

Before a device can be activated the GoBright app must be installed. This guide will cover everything that needs to be configured within an LG WebOS display to prepare it for GoBright View. Each step covers a screenshot and explanation on how to get there and what to do.


Please refer to this list of hardware that is certified in combination with GoBright View. 


Firmware update

Before configuring settings and installing the GoBright View app please make sure the device is running the latest firmware. 

The firmware can be updated using a USB drive.

  1. Download the firmware (see below)
  2. Format the USB drive to FAT32
  3. Create a folder named LG_MONITOR in the root of the USB drive
  4. Place the .epk file inside the LG_MONITOR folder
  5. Put the USB drive in the WebOS monitor
  6. The monitor should prompt an update firmware message, press OK to continue
  7. When the update is complete, remove the USB drive and reboot the monitor


WebOS 4.0 (Models: SM5KE, SH7E, UH5E, UH5F, UM3E, HP5E, WP400)
Firmware version: v04.07.60

WebOS 4.1 (Models: SM3G, UM3(D)F, UH5F, UH7F, UL3G)
Firmware version: v03.18.20

WebOS 3.0 (beta)

To open the settings menu on a WebOS 3.0 screen:

  • Turn the screen on and using the power button
  • Then hold the settings button on the remote for at least 5 seconds until an empty popup appears in the top right corner
  • On the remote, enter code 8 - 0 - 8 - 0 and press OK
  • The server settings menu will now open, please refer to installing the GoBright App for further instructions

WebOS 3.2 and 4.0 - General Settings

The first things that we'll address are the general settings of the screen. This includes the time zone, energy-saving settings, and network configuration. All of this is configured within the EZ Settings by pressing the settings button on the remote.


Time & Date

GoBright requires the time and date to be configured in order to display the content. It is essential that this is configured accordingly for your specific timezone. Go to the General Settings and then Time & Date.


Make sure that Set Automatically is enabled

Navigate to Time Zone and press OK


Make sure that all settings match the current location of the screen. (e.g. the settings below are configured based on the time zone in Amsterdam - GMT +01:00)


Energy-saving settings

By default, the screen has a few energy-saving settings that might cause the screen to turn off unexpectedly. GoBright View will turn the screen off based on the schedule so there is no need to enable these settings. To turn disable them go to the General Settings and then Power.


Make sure to disable the No signal Power Off (15Min) setting


Make sure to disable the No IR Power Off (4hour) setting


Network settings

GoBright View requires a stable network connection to receive content. We highly recommend connecting the screen using an ethernet cable but a stable WiFi connection will suffice as well. Go to the General Settings and then Network.


Choose either the Wired Connection or Wi-Fi Connection


Make sure that the screen is connected to the Internet and has an IP Address



Installing the GoBright App

Now it's time to install the GoBright App. Note that an internet connection is required so make sure that the previous step has been successfully configured. Go to the EZ Setting and then SI Server Setting.


Select SI Server Setting on the left


In these settings configure the following:

  • (A) Fully qualified domain name: enabled
  • (A) Address / URL: http://install.gobright.cloud/view/webos/latest (https: will also work)
  • (B) Application Launch Mode: local
  • (C) Local Application type: IPK
  • Auto Set: "Off" (this setting is not always visible)



For the final step navigate to (D) Local Application Upgrade and select REMOTE. Press the OK button and there should be a screen that will start the Application Upgrade. When this is finished Reboot the screen by pressing the power button twice.

After the reboot the GoBright View app should start automatically. An Activation code will be displayed on the screen. This code needs to be entered within GoBright View in order to add this device to the software. Please continue reading this article to proceed.


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