Sony – Installing the GoBright App

Generic Information

How to factory reset the device: 

  • Keep the button pressed at the center bottom of the screen;
  • Unplug the Power cable for 10 seconds – still keep button pressed;
  • Plug the power cable back in – still keep button pressed until erasing is shown (you might miss this message since it's very quick).


Installing Device Owner App
  1. Do a factory reset
  2. Put GoBright Device Owner App for Sony in the root of a USB stick
  3. Plug in the USB stick when the screen is in the welcome screen (no need to choose language at this stage)
  4. Choose allow to access photos etc. of the USB (2x)
  5. Select Install when prompted
  6. Scroll down to select Accept
  7. Select Install
  8. Select Activate this device admin app
  9. Remove USB when prompted and select OK
  10. Device will restart
First Configuration
  1. Choose Language
  2. Select Skip
  3. If using Wifi, select your Wifi network. WLAN will continue automatically
  4. Accept terms of service
  5. Accept Google services
  6. Walk through the features (a short video is shown)
  7. Agree Sony Privacy policy
  8. Select Table top or Wall mount
  9. Select Next then Complete
  10. Remove favorite preset apps by long pressing the app and choose remove from favorites
  11. Press + to add GoBright Device Owner App
  12. Open GoBright Device Owner App
  13. Select install latest device app and wait until installation is completed
  14. Select Exit
Set PIN Code for Security
  1. Go to Settings (gear symbol at the right top)
  2. Go to Network and Internet
  3. Go to Local Network Setup
  4. Go To IP Control
  5. Turn on Simple IP Control
  6. Select OK on power consumptions
  7. Select Authentication
  8. Select Normal and Pre-Shared Key
  9. Go back one step and go to Pre-Shared Key
  10. Enter key 010101 and save by selecting checkmark
Second Configuration
  1. Go back to main screen
  2. Open Pro Settings app
  3. Select Pro Settings mode
  4. Select OK
  5. Info: Pro settings in process in purple in top of screen
  6. Go to Settings (gear) and select Pro Settings
  7. Select Allow multiple times
  8. Scroll down and select Initial input source
  9. Select Android App
  10. Scroll down and select GoBright - Device (NOT GoBright Device Owner)
  11. Select OK
  12. Scroll up and right and select OK again
  13. Scroll down to Apps (select apps to enable in PRO mode)
  14. Select Pro Settings and select Enable
  15. Select GoBright - Device and select Enable
  16. Go back to Pro Settings
  17. Scroll up and select Start Pro mode
  18. Select OK
  19. Info: Switching to PRO mode. Please wait ....
  20. Info: Restarting
  21. GoBright App starts
  22. Select Allow 3 times
  23. Select Confirm and Reboot
  24. Activation Code is shown to activate the device in the GoBright portal

Enjoy the Power of GoBright on your Sony device!

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