When a device is added it will become part of the current hierarchy. This is used to group certain devices together and provide a clear overview.


For a single device, we don't need anything more than a single folder like the example above. But when adding multiple devices across multiple spaces it pays off to create a clear structure.

Configuring folders

To create or modify a folder, click the right mouse button on an existing folder. Three options will be displayed:

  • Add: (leads to any of the three options below)
    • Root folder, this creates a new folder that is added separately from other folders
    • Subfolder, this creates a new folder within the folder that is currently selected
    • Device, this adds a new device within the folder that is currently selected
  • Delete: deletes the folder or device
  • Edit: changes the name and/or profile of the folder


Creating a structure

We strongly suggest creating a structure that matches the location or makes sense for the organization. In most cases it would be similar to the example below based on different floors within a building:


Device status (Icon colors)

The color of the icon represents the status of the device. 


Color Status/cause What to do

Device missed a heartbeat 

  • Check back in an hour or three
  • Reboot the device
  • Check the network connection
  • (re)start the View app
Gray Device not activated Activate the device
Red Device is offline (for more than a couple of hours)
  • Reboot the device (rebooting from the portal won't work because there is no connection. Power cycle the device)
  • Check the network connection (cable, internet connection, ip settings)
  • (re)start the View app
  • Use this Firewall configuration article to check if you are blocking our URL's or IP adresses
Green Device is online  





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