The Connect is turned off

When the Connect does not display any lights, it has been turned off. This can be done on purpose or by accident, here are the reasons why a Connect could be turned off.

The desk is closed

It's possible to (temporarily) close a desk so it will impossible to create bookings and will not show up on the mapviewer. If enabled the Connect will be turned off completely. 

The opening times are set incorrectly

Within the desk profile settings, the opening times can be set for a group of desks. Depending on these times the desks will be either opened or closed. Check whether the opening times of the desks are set correctly within this profile:

Configure desk profile

The Connect does not receive power

Through a USB cable or via the LINAK motor the Connect must be powered in order to function.

Connect displays other colors

If the Connect is turned on but displays any other color than its default Green, Red or Orange please review the article below to understand the meaning of all colors:

Connect colors and settings

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