Configure desk profile

The room & desk profiles are very similar and hold shared settings for the rooms or desks. For general information about profiles, please refer to the general 'profiles' article.

Log in with your GoBright admin account and go to Settings > Work > Profiles and open your profile for rooms



Desk settings

Issue reporting enabled:
Enable this option to use the Issue reporting for this desk profile. This will provide the users a way of providing feedback on specific pieces of office technology if a fault is discovered. 

Stopping/Extending/Deleting booking allowed for:
These settings are used to set who can stop and extend a booking within the map viewer. If set to 'Everybody' than no authentication will be needed. 

Booking mode:
This setting determines if the desk can be booked or if it is a non-bookable desk. Non-bookable means the desk cannot be booked, and the status will depend on sensoring.

No-show detection:
The no-show detection measures if someone is showing up. If enabled, you will need to set the period in which the person should show up. If the person is not showing up within the set period, the booking will be stopped, so the desk will be available again. Detected no-shows are registered and can be viewed in the analytics.

No-show in combination with Half day booking:
When Half day booking is enabled, keep in mind that the check-in window for your no-show configurations will be aligned with your given 'Start of day' and 'Start afternoon' in your Time preferences. Our advice is to set a wider time span for check-in. Please read our article for more information about the configuration of the Half day booking for Desks.

Note: At least one confirmation method is required for the no-show detection to work correctly. Booking confirmation can be done with the GoBright Connect (or NFC sticker), the Desk Sensor, or within the GoBright portal/GoBright app. 

Occupation detection

This option is only available when sensors are enabled. These settings affect the state of occupation and the booking depending on what has been configured.

  • 'Stay occupied for ... minutes after user has left'
    This setting extends occupation even after the sensor stopped detecting movement. It can be especially useful if the desk is non-bookable as people tend to quickly leave their desk a couple of minutes during a break or other activities. 
  • 'Shorten booking automatically based on occupation sensor'
    When the sensor does not detect any occupation while the booking is still in effect this setting can end the booking prematurely. 

Within the profile, it's possible to configure specific settings for the connect. While the option is enabled by default, disabling the '' will show what options can be configured:

  • The brightness/intensity level can be adjusted for both the Connect and Glow
  • The time in seconds for when the sensor detects occupation/non-occupation
  • RFID/NFC mode, which can be reading and/or emulation
When the RFID/NFC mode has emulation enabled it will be possible to book a Desk with your GoBright mobile app, NFC card or tag. 

Authentication on the map viewer

The map viewer displays an overview of all available desks that can be booked. Depending on which settings are enabled users can book the desks in multiple ways:

  • Anonymous: Everyone is able to book the desk and the booking will be marked as 'anonymous' as the organizer is not known. 
  • Pincode: Only users that have a pincode are able to book desks. The pincode can be configured in the user's details.
  • NFC: Only users that have an NFC card are able to book desks. This option will only be available  NFC support is enabled at the general settings. The hardware should be equipped with support of NFC readers.

Quick booking suggestions

On the map viewer and app, these quick booking suggestions are used to give options for ad-hoc booking, and for extending a booking. You can use two types of quick booking suggestions:

  • Duration: an amount of hours/minutes, for example, 10 minutes or 1 hour
  • Fixed time: a time of day, for example 5:30 PM, so you can book a desk for the whole working day easily

Opening hours

The opening hours define the regular opening hours of the desk. This is used for searching for available desks (default only within opening hours). 

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