Using the intermediate Windows Service

For badge printing the kiosk tablet can print to a printer via a intermediate Windows service.

This Windows service application must be installed on the premises on a Windows server or workstation. The printer to print on must also be installed on that Windows server or workstation.
Please note that the printer must be 'locally' installed on that Windows server or workstation, but it can be a network printer. It cannot be a shared printer from another server/workstation.
The kiosk tablet connects to this Windows service via the local network, and prints to the installed printer.

The following image shows how this works:


Please note about certified and non-certified printers

Via the intermediate Windows printing service you can print to any Windows printer, but GoBright can only support the certified printers

Please review the certified hardware overview for tested and certified printers here.


Installation on the Windows server / workstation

First install the printer on the Windows server/workstation, and make sure the printer works correctly.

We assume the Windows server/workstation has a fixed ip-address.

Now download the latest version of the GoBright Badge Printing Service, via this link.

Follow the installation steps and the configuration tool will start automatically.
Take note of the network port number, and the API key.


Configure the kiosk

The following step is to let the visitor registration kiosk know where te find the GoBright Badge Printing Service.

We assume you already activated the visitor registration kiosk.

Now find the device representing the kiosk you want to configure in the menu Settings > Devices and click the device to edit it.

Change the 'Printer' setting to 'Badge print service', and additional configuration option will appear:

  • 'Hostname / IP':  the hostname or ip-address of the Windows server / workstation. If needed you can also supply the portnumber of the GoBright Badge Printing Service you've configured, using this notation: [hostname/ip]:[portnumber]
  • 'API key': the api key as configured when installing the GoBright Badge Printing Service.
  • 'Windows printername of Badge Printer': the exact name of the printer as it is installed on the Windows server / workstation.

Testing the settings

The kiosk will load the configured settings in a few moments, from that moment on, you can test the configuration in the settings menu of the kiosk. Testing is only possible from the kiosk, not from the portal.

Go to the display device settings, at the bottom extra buttons appear to test the printing configuration.


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