Services configuration

Services are used to provide various additions when creating or modifying a booking. A few examples include a catering service or IT support, but it can be modified to any service that can be provided. A service consists of a provider and items that are categorized within different groups. There are two general options that can be set for services.

Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > General settings. Enable price calculation, if prices are applicable, and decide if and how the cost center is used. 


Next enable services on the Room(s) where these can be provided. Go to Settings > Rooms and edit or create a room. Select Booking of services available to enable services on a specific room.


Add service provider

First the service provider will need to be created. Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > Service providers


Enter a name and select the correct time zone, this will define when notification will be send.

Notifications to the service provider

A daily overview can be send to the service provider, this will be send along with any other notifications. A direct notification can be send when a new request is made or changed. It's possible to only notify the provider if the request has been made within a certain time before delivery.

The email adres of the service provider should be entered to receive these notifications.

Notifications from the service provider

The service provider is able to update the status of a request and can choose whether a notification will be send at every change or only when declining the request. The notification can be send to the requester or multiple specified email addresses, these should be separated with a comma.


Create the service provider user role

A service provider needs to be be assigned with a user role to access the GoBright portal. Add a new user role via Settings > User roles and only allow to manage services.


After that new users can be created for each different service provider via Settings > Users. Assign the correct user role to each service provider so they'll only be able to access services related options within the GoBright portal.


Add Service catalog group

Go to Settings > Service catalog group. The catalog group is used to define a category within the items that the service provider can provide. To modify a group, select an existing group. Create a new group by pressing the '+' button in the top-right corner.


Add Service catalog item

Go to Settings > Service catalog item. Any item that is added to a service provider will be listed here. Select or create a new item by pressing the '+' button in the top-right corner.


Enter a name and description for the item. Select the correct service provider and choose the group to categorize the item. An image can be added for the item either from the media library or upload a new item by pressing '+ File name'.

Amount and pricing

The amount of items can be defined by the requester (user input) or is set to a fixed amount. The price currency and amount can be entered, but only if pricing is enabled under general settings.


Adding a cost center

A cost center is used to allocate costs within a business. Consult with your financial department which names are preferred and create the cost center(s).



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