Device profile

The profile on a device is used to influence the behavior of the device itself. In this case, it controls the times when the screen is turned on or off and when the device will reboot. Profiles can be configured under Devices > Profiles:


Selecting Profiles displays a list of created profiles. These can be modified or created by pressing the Add button on the top right corner. The screen below will be displayed:




The information that the profile holds are:

  • Name to distinguish it from other profiles
  • Screen on/off times based on the content or on specified times
  • Reboot on a specific time and interval
  • Volume level device sets the volume level of the device itself
  • Volume level external device sets the volume level of an external device using RS232
  • Disable HTTPS certificate verification (for widget/data source execution)
    Note: this is a work around to show external content such as images from news sources that otherwise cannot be loaded anymore because of e.g. self-signed certificates or if you suffer from the expired Lets Encrypt root certificate in september 2021. 
  • Disable GPU acceleration to render everything on the CPU. This should only be used for troubleshooting.

The screen on/off times are either based on whether the content is currently playing or a specific schedule. A daily reboot is recommended but can be altered if necessary. This will affect all devices that use this specific profile.

Update configuration

When a profile is changed or updated it has to be sent to the device. See Update Content and Configuration for more information.

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