Adding slides

Now that the playlist has been created it's time to add content. Every item that is added within a playlist is called a slide. Similar to a slideshow, slides play in a set order that can be re-arranged manually.  First, let's add a new slide using an existing template.


  • Open the playlist by selecting it or create a new playlist
  • Go to the Slides tab
  • Add a new slide using the Add button in the top-right corner


A new pop-up will open and the following three options are displayed: Template, Predefined layout & Media. Each button will open a screen that is very similar when adding a new template. The difference is that a slide only exists within the specific playlist.


When selecting the Template option, the template manager opens and a template must be selected. If no templates are visible, you must first create one.

Press Done on the bottom-right corner and a copy of the selected template will now open. It's possible to make any modifications without altering the actual template. In other words: the template is a blue print. For example, try editing the text within the template:


Press the Save button to add the slide to the playlist. To edit, move, or delete it we can select the slide and a few new options appear in the top-right corner.


The slide has been added to the playlist


The copy, duplicate and delete options appear in the top-right corner

To add more slides, we can press the Add button again or Duplicate the selected slide.

Slide order

The order of slides will decide in which order they'll be playing within the playlist. For example, the list below will play the new template first, then News and lastly the Weather:


To change the order, slides can be dragged and dropped using the first icon on the left-hand side. We'll move the new template to the bottom to create the following order:


Press Update to save any changes in the playlist. Let's take a look at the schedule next.


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