Before we start scheduling the playlist we need to decide a couple of things:

  • When should it start playing?
  • When should it end?
  • Should it span across multiple days?
  • Should it occur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly?

Because there are many ways to create a playlist we'll provide a couple of examples.

One-time only playlist

We'll start by scheduling a playlist that only is displayed once during a specific time and date. In this example we want it to play on a single day between 08:00 and 17:00:


The settings above will schedule the playlist on Monday the 22th of June between 08:00 and 17:00. When the All day checkbox is checked, the times will disappear and it will run throughout the entire day. 

The Till date decides on which date the playlist will end. By default, it will have the same date as the start, but when updated it schedules the playlist across multiple days. 


Now that the date has been updated, the schedule has been changed from Monday the 22th of June till Friday the 26th of June. Do note that the playlist starts at 08:00 on Monday and will end on Friday at 17:00. That means that it will keep playing all day long on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

If we want to schedule a playlist that repeats itself on specific times we'll have to use a repeating playlist.

Repeating playlist

A repeating playlist is a great way to schedule content that needs to be repeated over several days, weeks, or months. This is all managed under the repeating section of the playlist. 


When Repeat is set to daily like the example above, it will repeat the playlist every day. Changing the number of days creates a pattern where it plays on specific days. This will continue based on the end date.


Ending is used to specify when the playlist should end. This could be never, on a specific date or after a number of times it has been repeated. The settings above make sure the schedule repeats itself until Friday the 26th of June.

Weekly playlist during office hours

A common schedule is based on standard office hours from Monday to Friday. This is accomplished by configuring the following settings:


Set the start date and the times of the office hours, in this example 8:00 to 17:00


Set repeat to weekly and select the weekdays, finally select never as the end date

Multiple schedules in a single playlist

It's possible to add multiple schedules within a single playlist. That allows for specific and custom time schedules which can be very useful. We'll provide an example below based on the weekly playlist.

Press the Add period button to create a new schedule:


Now we copy the schedule settings from the weekly playlist but change the times to 17:00 and 22:00 and only select Thursday and Friday. This creates a schedule where all days play from 8:00 to 17:00 except on Thursday and Friday, where the end time is 22:00.


Calendar view

At times it might get confusing to get a clear overview when a playlist is scheduled. Especially when using multiple schedules it's good to have a calendar-like view. Press the Calendar button in the top-right corner to switch from list to calendar view:



Now it's time to select the devices that should display this playlist.


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