Yealink Roompanel and Roompanel Plus

Use this guide to install the GoBright app on Yealink roompanel and Roompanel Plus.

1. Update your Yealink Roompanel or Roompanel Plus device to the latest Yealink Firmware here

2. Choose your language:

Yealink 01.png

3. Make sure the device is connected (for example POE+):

Yealink 02.png

4. Choose your time zone:

Yealink 03.png

5. Turn on auto update for future Yealink Firmware updates:

Yealink 04.png

6. Agree with the Yealink end user agreement:

Yealink 05.png

7. Choose GoBright as your UC Provider:

Yealink 06.png

8. Press Start:

Yealink 07.png

9. Check your system settings, press confirm and reboot:

Yealink 08.png

10. After the reboot you can activate your device in the GoBright Portal by using the Activation Code. Please check the article Activating a device with the GoBright app for more information.  

Yealink 09.jpg

Use NFC on Roompanel
If you want to use NFC on the Roompanel, follow the steps below.
! This is not tested yet on the Roompanel Plus at this time. This is to be confirmed.

Open the device settings in a browser: https://IP_OF_DEVICE

User: admin

Password: 0000

Yealink 10.png


  1. Go to System
  2. Device Manage
  3. Enter this code in the Server URL field (without []): [M7:nfc.enable=1]
  4. Press Auto Provision Now
  5. Press Confirm

Yealink 11.png

! The Yealink devices do not support camera use for Visit.
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