Issue Handling

The Issue Handling area of the GoBright portal is where reported issues are tracked and acted upon. It is only accessible to those have been granted access by the system administrator.

Issue Handling

Issue Handling is accessed through the Bookings tab.


Reported issues can then be searched by location, date or environment. In the example below an office is selected and the Air con environment.

In this case the user has reported the air con is too cold at these desks.

The tick and cross highlighted allows the issue handler to either accept the issue or decline the issue. If the issue is accepted then it will progress to the open issues tab.

When the issue is resolved the handling company can select the highlighted clipboard to close the issue.

The reported issue will transfer directly to the 'Closed issues' section of issue handling.

The time period for deleting issue data is set in the 'Issue handlers' menu under Settings > General and issue handlers on the left hand margin.

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