Issue Handlers

Issue handlers are those groups of people, company or department who will be responsible for responding to raised issues.

Issue Handlers

To set who within the organisation handles issues for particular pieces of technology or space go to Settings > General and Issue handlers from the left hand margin. Select 'Add' to start adding the required information.

1. Name: Give the issue handler a name

2. Notifications of new issues: Select if notifications are sent - Do not send a notification or Always send a notification. If always send a notification an email address is requested.

3. Delete issue data after: Decide how long data is held on the system - between 1 and 365 days.

4. Send notification when: Decide if the issue reporter is required to receive notifications when the status changes - Never or At every status change.

5. Use custom Sender/Reply-to: If selected a name and email address is required. All sender domains must be validated by adding SPF & DKIM records in your DNS settings.


In the example below a Issue handler was created for each of the GoBright elements.

Alternatively a single office could be created.

Once created, the Issue Handler can be added to the routine and permissions area of the issue reporting cycle.

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