Using the Week Planner

The ultimate goal of the Week Planner is to provide employees more insights into the planning of their colleagues. Which days are they working? Who is at the office and, who is working remote? What is the occupancy status at the office? What is the best day for me to go to the office? This will provide everybody the option to plan their full workweek, no matter from where they work.

Besides making a booking for a desk, or room, it is possible to plan your week(s) ahead in the Week Planner. Simply indicate when you are at the office and when you are working from home, or any other remote location. This is directly visible for your colleagues. Collaboration, communication and focus on common goals are important factors for any successful team. With the Week Planner everyone knows where colleagues are located. This makes it easier to plan face-to-face meeting at the office and to book your needed room. Or, when you’re both working from home, just plan an online meeting.

How to use the Week Planner

Log in to the GoBright Portal. On the dashboard you'll find the Week planner icon. Click it to open the Week planner. To close the weekplanner (and thus, to go back to to your dashboard), click the day planner button on the right.

At the top of the Week Planner you can choose which day/week should be displayed. You can also select which team should be displayed (if you're part of multiple teams).

Each working day of the week will show up. For every day(part) you can set whether you work and if so, from where you work. Your colleagues are also able to see this.

You can see which of your team members are at the office each day. Also, what the occupancy rate of the office is each day. The occupancy rate is calculated based on the amount desks at a location compared to the amount of people that have indicated to be working at that location, that day. 

In the image below you can see that none of my 15 strong team are in the office on this day. You can also see that the actual office occupancy is high shown by the green bar.

At the bottom of the Week Planner, there is an overview of all your team members where you can see when and where they're working from that week (or day of the week).

Set a Default Week

You can set a default week your in Profile > Default week.
When you've set a default week, every time you open the week planner, the default week will be used as a template for that week. 
For example: Monday till Thursday you work at the office. Every Friday, you work from home.

Important notice: In order to use certain location in the Week planner, you need to enable the following option in Settings > General > Locations when you open the location respectively. 

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