My content doesn't show correctly or is cut off on the displays

  • Make sure your content is set up correctly for the resolution and orientation (landscape or portrait) of your display(s).
  • Check the resolution(s) of every slide, make sure every slide has the right resolution(s) set
  • After changing the orientation of a webOS device in the device settings menu, reboot the device to apply the settings to the GoBright View app
  • Make sure the channel, zone, lay-out and resolution settings are set correctly, see: Channels & Layouts
  • After changing any content make sure the 'Update content' button is pressed so the new content is sent to the devices
  • After changing any configuration make sure the 'Update configuration' button is pressed so the new config is sent to the devices
  • webOS devices: make sure tile mode is OFF. This is a video wall setting which can be found in the device settings. This is not a View setting.
  • webOS devices: if none of this is working: factory reset the device and then set it up following our installation guide.
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