Vecos locker integration

This article will provide a step by step explanation, on how to create the integration with Vecos (lockersystem) in the GoBright platform. Before being able to create the integration within GoBright you first need to acquire an ‘API user’ from Vecos. This needs to be arrange directly with Vecos. After this ‘API user’ is acquired, the integration can be set up in GoBright. 

Integration steps

Step 1. Configure the service account for Vecos in Releezme

After arranging the license for your Vecos Releezme account, go to your Releezme portal and login with your admin credentials. 

Then download the PDF file for the Vecos installation manual to configure your service account. The Vecos manual can be found as PDF file at the bottom of this article. 

Important note: in Vecos the service account is called a 'Company User'. 

Step 2. Configure Vecos Lockers integration in GoBright

Login with your GoBright Admin account and go to Admin Center > Integration > Add a new integration



  • Name: Choose name for integration
  • External system: Choose ‘Locker Vecos’*
  • Service account email address: Fill in ‘API user’ email address, which is received from Vecos.
  • Service account Password: Fill in ‘API user’ password, which is received from Vecos.

* Select 'Locker Vecos' as External System. If this option doesn't show, please contact your reseller or our Sales team to add the Lockers licence. 


Step 3. Add locker tags/-type

Go to the Portal > Settings > Work > Locker tags/-types

  • Name: Choose name for Locker tag/-type, example: Standard locker, Large lockers
  • Mode: Choose ‘Vecos’
  • Vecos lockergroup ID: Fill in ‘ID’, this can be found in the ‘Releezme’  environment from Vecos.

To find the Vecos Locker ID you need to login to Releezme with your Admin account of Releezme:

  • Home page
  • Setup
  • Lockergroups
  • ”Choose lockergroup”


  • In the URL link you can find the LockergroupID=...



Step 4. Add locker banks

Go to the Portal > Settings > Work > Locker banks

  • Name: Choose name for Locker bank
  • Mode: Choose ‘Vecos’
  • Vecos locker bank ID: Fill in ‘ID’, this can be found in the ‘Releezme’  environment from Vecos.

You can find the ID in Releezme with the steps below:

  • Home page
  • Locker Control
  • Choose a “locker bank”
  • In the URL link after ‘/Details/’ there is a long number and this should be added



Step 5. User sync configuration within Vecos


User authentication between GoBright and Vecos, is done based on their email addresses. The Email address within GoBright and within Vecos, should be the same. GoBright checks the field ‘Customer identification’ within Vecos, to see if the email addresses are the same. So make sure that the email address in Vecos is also filled in this field.

The integration is now configured. Read this article to learn about using lockers.

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