Process of Roombookings with Office365 and GoBright

Processing appointments in Office 365 and synchronization to GoBright

GoBright synchronizes recourse mailboxes with Office 365, which means that GoBright only gets the appointment data as it's processed by Office 365.

GoBright platform checks the calendar of the roommailbox. If there is an appointment, the data is fetched and put in the GoBright portal. As result, when an appointment is deleted in the calendar, the appointment will be deleted in the GoBright portal.

The following reservation details will be processed: date and time, subject, text (optional), organizer and attendees.

Note: GoBright does not receive the information about who has deleted the invite of Office 365. All actions of deleting, processing and sending the cancellations are being carried out in Office 365.

Processing of creating, modifying and sending appointments to Office 365

When an appointment is created in GoBright the booking will be made in the room mailbox. Then the roommailbox will check if this user has the right permissions to book and if the timeslot is available in the roommailbox. If not in either or both cases, the appointment will be canceled in Office 365. After cancellation the appointment will be deleted in the GoBright portal.

If the timeslot is available in the roommailbox and the user rights are checked, GoBright will save the appointment in the database and send the data to Office 365. Then the appointment will be processed by Office 365 and the invites will be send to the attendees.

Technical note: with the Office 365 integration GoBright will get a push subscription after each modification in the mailbox of the rooms. GoBright will then know that the data needs to be fetched which means that your data data in GoBright will be close to real time.

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