Outlook Plugin Stuck on circling when opened

If you have an issue that GoBright Outlook Plugin is stuck circling when you open it, and it doesn't even reach the Single Sign On, then you probably need to clear the Outlook browser cache.


Clearing the Outlook browser cache from the DEV console

  • Right click on the white empty area of the opened plugin
  • Select Inspect and the DevTools console will open
  • Select the Network Tab on the top
  • press CTRL+R for some values to appear
  • Right-click on one of the values
  • and click Clear Browser Cache & Clear Browser Cookies


Clearing the Outlook cache by deleting the cache folder

  • Press Windows key and R key together
  • Paste %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook to the box and press OK
  • Open the Roam Cache folder and remove everything inside (these are cache files and are safe to remove)
  • Clear your Recycle Bin


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