Screen is turned off

There can be a few reasons why the screen is turned off or is black. We'll list the most prominent issues below:

  • No schedule has been sent to the screen
    In order to show content on the screen, a schedule must be present. This schedule needs to have one or multiple slides and must be assigned to the device in order to function. After that, the schedule needs to be uploaded to the screen, see the articles below for more information:
    Update content
  • The time and date are set incorrectly
    If the time of the screen is set incorrectly the schedule will play during the wrong time. Note that the time zone and date must be set correctly in order for the content to play on the right time.
    The display shows an incorrect time
  • The  wrong channel is displayed
    GoBright View uses different channels that can be used to display a wide variety of content in separate channels. A playlist must be scheduled on or more channels that have been created.
    Channels & Layouts
  • Screen on/off times (Opening Hours) are active and/or set incorrectly.
    Please make sure the screen on/off times in the device profile are set to your needs.
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