Custom widgets

Aside from a basic widget, it's possible to add dynamic content using custom widgets. These can be created or customized to get information from external sources. Examples include news, weather, or traffic information that is visualized within GoBright. Let's look at a news widget and weather widget example. mceclip4.png


News widget


Example of a simple news widget

This illustrates a simple news feed that displays the latest news. It shows the most recent messages from an RSS feed and visualizes it within GoBright. Each custom widget has customizable fields which are called parameters. These can include anything from colors and sizing to specific locations that can be used. Let's look at the example from the news widget:


Within this news feed, we are able to customize the parameters displayed on the left-hand side. 

In this example we're able to influence and change the following:

  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Whether images are displayed
  • Which feed is being used
  • If a custom URL is used

These options allow us to create a personalized visualization for the news feed and can be adapted to any organization style.

Weather widget

Let's look at a weather example, which displays the forecast for the next 5 days. 


There is a lot of information being displayed on the screen, the current location, day of the week, temperature, weather icons, wind direction, wind speed, etc. The colors that are used are applied to several elements at once. The parameters that can be used are outlined below:


The primary, secondary, and tertiary colors can be used to apply an organization style to the widget. These colors affect multiple elements, as being shown within the example above.

The background color is white and partly transparent. Note that each color can be made (partly) transparent to create all kinds of effects.

The language, city, and units can be altered to the correct region.

This information is retrieved using the OpenWeather API, which is a source for weather information that can be accessed.


There are many ways to create and customize custom widgets. GoBright provides a couple of custom widgets that can be used freely by anyone. This section explains more about creating custom widgets.

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