School class schedule

This example will explain the following steps within GoBright View:

  • Create a left and right zone
  • Create a new split-screen channel
  • Create content for the left zone
  • Create a left and right playlist

For a school in the Netherlands, we're adding a new channel that will display split-screen content. On the right side, a class schedule is always being displayed. On the left side, a playlist with different types of content (such as messages and images) will be displayed. We'll explain how to achieve this in the steps below:

Create a left and right zone

In order to get a split-screen effect, we'll need to create two different zones that divide a screen in half. It's important to name that based on their position on the screen. This is to clarify which zone is used during planning.

  • go to the Management tab
  • select Zones from the menu
  • add two zones using the Add button
  • name the zones left and right


Create a new split-screen channel

We'll need to configure these zones within a new channel which we'll call Splitscreen. The standard full HD resolution can be used as nothing will change on the actual device. When selecting the zones, make sure that both the left and right zones are selected:

  • go to the Management tab
  • select Channels from the menu
  • add a new channel using the Add button
  • select the default resolution Full HD
  • select the left and right zones


Next, go to the resolution tab within the channel. We have to position and specify the size for both zones, to split the screen in half they are configured like the image below:


This creates a split-screen with the left zone on the left side of the screen and the right zone on the right side. Both zones have the full height (1080) but only half the width. This means that the content within a zone must also be configured to half the normal width.

Create content for the left zone

As an example, we're creating some content for the left zone on the screen. Because this content is going to be reused several times, we'll create a new template.

  • Go the Content tab
  • Select the Browse all button
  • Select the Add template button
  • Add a few elements to the template


By default, a new template is created in full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. This is twice as big as the zones we are using so we'll need to add a new resolution to the template. To create a new resolution that matches the left zone follow the steps below:

  • Press the Settings button on the top-right corner
  • Add a new resolution using the Add resolution button


  • A new pop-up will open with several fields
  • In the top field, we need to define the resolution
  • In this case, we'll choose 960x1080
  • Copy the settings from the resolution 1920x1080


If done correctly the width and height will be set to 960 and 1080 respectively. Furthermore, the fitting zones will display the channels and zone where this template can be used. In our example, you can see that both the left and right zones on the Splitscreen channel.

Now that this resolution has been added, select it using the eye icon on the top of the screen. It will switch to the 960x1080 resolution and the content will be displayed like the image below:


While not ideal it tries to replicate the content from the other resolution. In this case, we'll only need to adjust the font sizes for the header and content area's and save the template.  This template can now be used on both Full HD screens as well as within the split-screen channel either on the left or right side of the screen.




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