Configuring wayfinders

Wayfinders show an overview of rooms, with the status and current bookings. Much like you are used to in airports, but now in your own office!

A wayfinder is configured in the portal and consists of a name and the rooms you want to show on the wayfinder. 
You need a wayfinder-profile to configure how the wayfinder is visualized.

After that you create a device, and choose the wayfinder-profile and the wayfinder. 

Manage wayfinders

Use this button to switch between the old and new layout

Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > Meet.

Select Wayfinders on the submenu on the left-hand side.

The list of wayfinders will be displayed on the right-hand side.


Configure a wayfinder

Add a new wayfinder by pressing the blue 'Add' button. When you add or edit a wayfinder, you can change the setting of that specific wayfinder. 


A wayfinder has a name, which is used within GoBright (to link the wayfinder to a device, etc.).

The language is used when the wayfinder is shown on a display, and by default this is the same as your default language, but if needed you can change it to use a different language.

The title and subtitle you enter is shown at the top of the wayfinder when visualized.

Linked rooms

You should link the rooms you want to show on the wayfinder.
After linking a room you can re-order the rooms, to change the order of the rooms to your linking.

In most cases you want to select an arrow to indicate the direction relative to the positioning of the wayfinder display. E.g. when standing before the display showing wayfinder, you need to go left to go to the boardroom. In this case you should assign a 'left arrow' to the linked room 'boardroom'.

The order and icon are used when the wayfinder is shown at the display.


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