OneDrive Slideshow

Before you begin...

OneDrive uses the so-called Graph API, which is a way to get information from Office 365 to GoBright View. If you have not configured the Graph API please follow all the steps in this article first: Graph API

The OneDrive widget

This widget is able to get all images (JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG) from a specific folder or the root in OneDrive and display them within GoBright View. There are two pieces of information that are required besides the connection with the Graph API:

  • The email address of the user that owns the images and/or folder
  • The folder name and/or path based of the root. The root is where you are after logging in to The folder name or the path should not include a trailing '/'. When no path is set the root will be used.


Enter the details in the widget and it will display all images within the folder. Please be advised that the portal can't show images from OneDrive directly and thus a placeholder image (and message) is displayed. The player will show all supported images from the OneDrive folder.



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