Introduction to sensors

GoBright can collaborate with multiple types of sensors that can either gather data regarding the occupancy or connect with GoBright to display availability. Before we'll delve into the installation, setup and technical details we outline how the sensors communicate with GoBright. There are two types of sensors currently being used the PIR Room sensor and the occupancy sensor.

Active sensors

In the area of 'active sensors' we support sensors who work without user interaction, and actively measure and interact with the GoBright platform.

For desks there are occupancy sensors tailored to desk occupancy sensing, in combination with the Connect, but also standalone as RF occupancy sensors.
Please refer to the 'Sensor Hardware setup' and 'Installing a Connect' articles for more information.

For rooms there are occupancy sensors which can be installed in the room to measure occupancy and no-show.
Please refer to the 'Sensor Hardware setup' article for more information.

Passive sensors

Passive sensors are a easy to install identification, used for interacting with desks for desk booking.
Via NFC stickers and the GoBright smartphone app the user can scan the desk, and interact with it to check-in, book, extend or stop the desk.
For the needed support on different types of phones NTAG213 based NFC stickers are advised to be used, and also large NFC stickers (30-38mm diameter) are advised for optimal scanning. 

Please refer to the 'configure NFC stickers' article for more information.


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