What is Control?

GoBright Control gives the opportunity to manage some basic functions of the presentation display. When the reservation starts, Control automatically turns on the screen and selects the right input source. To start with control please refer to the Control Setup article here

Why use control?

To fully prepare for a meeting, Control supports the organizer by adjusting settings on multiple devices within the room from an easy to use control panel. It saves a lot of time and stress before a meeting when the correct HDMI channel has been set correctly, the lights have been turned on and the speaker volume is adjusted. 

How it works

Control is configured within the GoBright platform and uses TCP and/or HTTP to communicate with devices that are being controlled. Devices need to be connected within the same network for control to be functional. The best practice is to place a router and create a subnetwork which connects all GoBright devices and screens. To configure control within the portal, please read this article.


All communication between the control panel and the devices is two way. When the organizer uses the control panel to change a setting the communication will follow the path below:

  • The Control panel sends a signal to the Global Caché
  • The Global Caché converts the signal to RS232 and sends it to the Device
  • The Device executes the command

It works the other way around as well. When a setting changes on the device a signal from the device will follow the same path back

  • The Device reports the status back to the Global Caché
  • The Global Caché converts the signal to TCP and sends it to the Control panel
  • The Control Panel updates the status accordingly

Best practices

 Here are a couple of tips for setting up and using control.

Set up a subnetwork using a router

To use control an IP will need to be reserved within the company network. For each additional device, additional reservations need to be made. To minimize the amount of IP reservations, a subnetwork can be created using a router.

An additional benefit of using a router as that all IP addresses are the same for every meeting room. This makes it easy to duplicate and maintain rooms.

Powering lights

While control has the ability to power lights on or off we recommend to set them up using sensors instead. Control can contribute by configuring different 'scenes' that will set brightness to a certain percentage. The basic setup will look like this:


Using command groups

Control sends commands to devices via TCP which usually translate to RS232. GoBright has a couple of pre-defined command groups for several devices. Selecting a command group when adding a new device is the easiest way to add the correct commands.

It's possible to create, copy and edit existing groups to customize commands. More info about command groups can be found in the command library article.


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