Create or modify an Interact profile

The Interact profile hold settings for the Interact. For general information about profiles, please refer to the general 'profiles' article.

GoBright Interact - new hardware device for Room Booking and Desk Booking

Log in with your GoBright admin account and go to Settings > Devices > Profiles and open an existing Interact profile or create a new one.

General settings

The name of the profile. This is only for reference.

Type of the profile. Select "Interact" to create a new Interact profile.
A profile type cannot be changed later.

Device settings

Screen on/of times based on opening hours room/desk

  • When enabled: The screen on/off times of the Interact will follow the opening hours of the room or desk it is assigned to.
  • When disabled: an extra settings section will open where you can set the 'Opening hours' (on/off times) of the Interact.

To learn how to apply a profile to an Interact, follow this guide: How to commission an Interact.
To learn how to book a room or desk using an Interact, read this article.

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