Phasing out of the 'old portal'

Discontinuation of Old Portal

In November 2020 we introduced a new interface of the GoBright Portal, to be able to provide a better user experience and extend our solutions in a more user friendly environment. The old interface was still available until now, so we were able to migrate all functionalities. Since September 2021, users were automatically logged-in with the New Portal. Even though it was still possible to switch to the Old Portal, we noticed that users adapted to the new interface easily.

At the end of March 2022, we will discontinue the “Old Portal” completely. This means that, by then, all functionalities are migrated, and users only have access to the New Portal.


To be able to get a quick and easy introduction to the new portal you can check out this video.


From February on, users will be notified about this discontinuation when using the old portal.


The Visit configuration & Control configuration will continue to be available and be migrated to the new portal as well.

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