New login experience

On the 18th of September 2021 we published the new login experience.

This is an important next step in the implementation of the 'new portal', and this article will summarize the changes that are introduced along with the new login experience.

New login page

The change which impacts most users is the new login page.

The new login page incorporates the same design as the new portal.

Besides the updated design it has the functionalities the old login had too, so there are no functional changes:



Profile & switch button for logged in users

Another change for users is visible once they are logged in.

Profile button

For every user the 'profile' button in the top right changed to a smaller icon with the users' initials.
Clicking the profile button give the same actions as before, which are the 'profile' and 'logout' actions: 


Switch button

Another new element is the 'Switch' button, to be able to switch to other products. 

The switch button is also shown on the top right, but only visible for users with permission to the other products.

The switch button can switch to:

  • From and to Meet-Work-Visit
  • From and to View
  • From and to the new 'Admin center' (read more below)

Depending on permissions and licenses, only applicable options will be shown.



New & changed for admins

For admins we are now introducing some new options & changes.

New options:

  • For customers with 'View' licenses, we are now releasing several SSO integration options.
    Now for 'View' besides traditional password login, now also AzureAD, SAML and Google Workspace SSO is supported.


  • We now introduced the 'Admin center', containing management of users and integrations.
  • Integrations are therefore not managed in Meet-Work-Visit anymore, but in the 'Admin center'
  • Users are now centrally managed for all products in the 'Admin center'
  • Management of roles is unchanged, and are still managed in either Meet-Work-Visit or View. The role management will stay in Meet-Work-Visit and View because it is related to data in those products (e.g. access to locations, etc).
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